Davin's modifications to Elisp, i.e. what I call dlisp.

Click on the images below to see a zoomed in version. Also see the end of this document to browse my entire source code.

Note how checkpoints appear dimmer than the rest of the code for easier reading of code. Note that I use checkpoints because I don't know how to use edebug.

Note how *dmp-kill-ring*'s M-y replaces Emacs' built in M-y.

Note how marked files in dired appear in blue and files to delete are coloured in red.

Note how in dired (*.png,*.bmp,*.jpe?g,*.gif,*.xcf) image files appear in magenta foreground and (*.html,*.hts,*.tes.*.tex) files appear in yellow background.

Note how my own splash screen replaces the default one. Note especially how horizontal lines -------------------------------------------------------------------- are fontified in the colours of a rainbow which makes your code a lot prettier!

Notice how the Electric Buffer menu is coloured in different colours depending on the folder you are in.

Note how strings are coloured light blue, global variables a coloured with a white background, important global variables are coloured with the light blue backgroumd and still more important variables a coloured with a light yellow background (depending on the number of stars appearing before and after the variable name).

A screenshot of a Makefile. Note how Makefile targets are coloured with a yellow background. Also note how $$(...) are coloured in green, and finally note how tab characters are coloured with a pink background because in Makefiles, tabs are important. Spurious spaces can be a problem to so dlisp warns against such occurences with the colour cyan.

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